Use of the Exogenous Ketones in the Functioning of the Body

ketosene exogenous ketones

Ketones have become everyone’s favorite these days. They are the ones which are responsible for many results that most other methods could not produce. The concept of ketones was known from long ago but the problem was that the people never believed in the results that it could show, and hence they never tried following the procedures that are necessary. But later, as the time passed by and as the words about ketones spread, people started realizing he importance of ketones and the miracles they can do. And hence, as a result of that, people started following the procedures that are necessary for the ketone formation in the body.

Ketone formation in the body not only helps the person in reducing the weight and fats in their body but also helps the body to deal with various other issues as well, for example, diabetes, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and many more of this sort. But there is a problem with following the procedures related to this ketone formation in the body. You have to be extremely strict and stubborn when it comes to maintaining the diet procedure. Even a single flaw or the slightest mistake will ruin all the diet plan and all your previous hard work will go in waste.

Not everyone is that flexible with their schedule to follow the strict rules of the diet plan and still wants to experience all the benefits of the keto diet. There is a simple solution for this problem. Just like how you consume calcium pills when the calcium content is low in the body, in the same way you will have to consume some ketosene exogenous ketones to supply your body with all the ketones that it needs.

These ketosene exogenous ketones are nothing but extra additional to the body will serve the same purpose as the natural ketones produced by the body do. Even if you are not following the diet of the ketone formation and synthesis, it is totally alright for you to consume the exogenous ketones and still experience the same miracles as that of the original one.

Synthesis of the exogenous ketones by the body:

  • Initially the exogenous ketones that are externally consumed by the body are broken down into acetoacetic acids.
  • These acetoacetic acids are then converted into acetone. The useful amount of acetone is retained by the body and excess amount of it is excreted out of the body.
  • The retained acetone is converted into Beta-hydroxybutyrate and then this BHB ( Beta- Hydroxybutyrate ) will show the same effect as the endogenous ketones ( the ketones produced by the body ) on the body.

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