The Masculine Standards of Beauty and Their Evolution

The Masculine

The standards of male beauty across the globe have been studied by Buzzfeed in an exciting video.

At madmoiZelle, we like to understand and even deconstruct the criteria of beauty . Can one be, and feel “beautiful”, by making a size 56, having sparse hair, or leaning more towards the combo “jogging- hoodie  ” than towards the heels of 12? Yes, I promise !

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It was time to look at the criteria of male beauty. What makes a man “beautiful”? Is it the same way throughout the world, and through the ages? Would the young Leonardo DiCaprio have had the same success if  Titanic  was released in 2015, year that overflows of bearded and tattooed guys?

Male beauty across twelve countries

Buzzfeed delivers an exciting video on standards that make male beauty in twelve different countries. The site has hired as many models representing “ideal men” around the world.

  • Rustin Cole Sailors  for the United States
  • Evan Gomez  for Mexico
  • Rafael Melo for Brazil
  • Tyler Lough for South Africa
  • Dante Marshall  for Nigeria
  • Joseph Almani for Turkey
  • Ajdin Sefer for Italy
  • Ryan O’Leary  for the UK
  • Sahil Shroff  for India
  • Joseph Song for South Korea
  • Jonathan Stanton  for the Philippines
  • Steven Dehler for Australia
  • Keenan Allen for … the future

Here is a short summary of what we learn in this video, country by country.

  • The United States men are undergoing social pressure towards a muscular, toned body with a reference model in recent years: the famous “lumbersexuel”, an urban woodcutter that is manly, bearded and white . And speaking of white, note that it is the skin color of 83.3% of actors playing a lead character in an American film .
  • Mexicans attached to their culture value “macho” behavior, and a 2000 study ranked them second on the vanity scale (just behind the Venezuelans).
  • Nearly half of the Brazilians consider themselves to be half-breeds, and the perfect combo seems to be the alliance between bronzed skin and “Germanic” features . Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more common in men.
  • Although only 8.9% of white people in South Africa were identified in 2011, 77% of the blankets of  Men’s Health Soutg Africa  and  GQ South Africa , two magazines dedicated to male beauty, featured a white man . Black or mixed South Africans therefore integrate Western beauty criteria.
  • In Nigeria, men who dream are often stars of music. The young people of the country consider  masculinity as “culturally superior” to femininity .
  • Turkey has an influence on the Arab-Muslim world via its highly watched TV series. The praise of the traditionally manly man evolves towards more romanticism. Turkish men increasingly resort to beauty services, including hair removal .
  • In Italy, the world epicenter of men’s fashion, men wear well-cut clothes, and dare colors that are generally considered “feminine”. The masculine ideal cultivates the  sprezzatura : a studied nonchalance .
  • In the UK, idolized men are often sportsmen, like David Beckham for example. One in five adults is tattooed, and the British re-wear their beards … provided they are well trimmed.
  • Men’s skin care products sell mostly on the Pacific side of Asia. In India, skin-lightening creams are becoming more popular with men, and big Bollywood actors are doing so outright.
  • South Korean pop culture dominates the Asian market. K-Pop stars have fine lines, thin and muscular bodies, and often wear make-up. Cosmetic surgery is incredibly widespread in men , who mainly desire larger eyes, double eyelids and a straight nose.
  • The ideal of male beauty in the Philippines mixes American and Spanish influences with the local culture . If the perfect man remains rather “macho”, the fact that the “metrosexual” style is spreading like wildfire has given birth to a market for male beauty products.
  • In Australia, men want to be stronger, more muscular, less fat. By launching a Facebook poll,  Buzzfeed had identified the Hemsworth brothers (Chris, who plays Thor, and Liam, aka Gale in  Hunger Games ), as actors are considered sexy by the most people.
  • And in the future, then? The future holds a masculine masculine beauty , blending the various definitions of the terms “handsome man” …

More information is available on  Buzzfeed !

And in France, then?

For Europe,  Buzzfeed focused on Italy and the UK. And there is perhaps a bit of both in what makes the ideal man “à la française”: a hint of  sprezzatura and well-trimmed costumes, a pinch of tattoos and beards like the English Channel …

In my opinion, if I compile what my ears and my eyes are gathering, the ideal French man is fairly young (let’s say thirty years), white And bears the beard. He is not fat, but not really muscular Thor way: rather thin and athletic. He prefers chino trousers to suits but rarely dares funny socks. It may be tattooed, not necessarily, and probably does not have hair (brown, obviously) too short.



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