The Beauty Routine of 4 Male Bloggers

beauty routine of 4 male

I love to get ready in the morning. Get up early, see the sun rise from my terrace, accomplish my little morning routine. Do not think that because you are a man without a headache, a guy, a real one, you can afford to go out with a beard of 8 days, a disgusting skin and the body odor of a rugby player After a game.

Personally, I almost always accomplish the same routine. And I wondered what the other guys were like. So, I asked Geoffrey Mikael and Cedric (3 bloggers you probably know) describe me their morning routine … .

The Beauty Routine of 4 Male Bloggers

Cedric newmeninthecity

7:00 am – Alarm clock …
I really need to change the lock of my bedroom door because regularly in the morning, Hixie, my little Jack Russell 2 year old female, still does not open it and go up discreetly on The bed before waking me up with wet kisses. Impossible to go through the bathroom box because the hairy makes me understand that there is no time if only to rehandle a minimum before going out.

7:30 – Breakfast and croquettes
After a detour by the bakery, we are back at home. While Mademoiselle tastes these croquettes, I prepare two slices of bread passed to the toaster with jam and butter, and two oranges pressed for a good dose of vitamins. Then I go to the living room with my meal tray, comfortably installed in front of William and his friends Télé Matin.

7:50 – Direction the bathroom
This is where the troubles begin! As a blogging “beauty” for men, my bathroom has become the annex of a Sephora, and I do not speak to you about my room or my living room. You really find everything and in quantities to scare! For example, in the shower, I have the choice between 6 or 7 references shower gels. For the sake of efficiency, I have classified them into two groups – some of you must hallucinate while reading me and you may not be wrong – with on one side tonic and sparkling scents like citrus fruits or Fruit that will give me energy and peps to start the day well, and on the other hand softer notes like vanilla, cotton or almond for the evening.

7:55 – In the shower
Returning to my spoken cleanly routine, so I start shampoo (for dry hair), before cleaning my face with the Micro-Peel cleaning powder skeen + (which I alternate with other Cleaning products or scrubs), and finally I go to the shower gel (at the moment the last Monsavon milk). I rinse all before applying a conditioner (as I grow my hair since now more than a year I need to disentangle them) that I act a few minutes the time to use a top product that I ‘ I discovered recently: milk body in the shower of Eucerin. Basically, it’s a moisturizing milk that you apply after your shower gel and you rinse it off. This makes it possible to zap the step of milk for the body for those who do not like to wait until this one has well penetrated before being able to dress. 
Once everything is rinsed, a little razor under the armpits, on the torso and the furrow (you want details?) With the new Gillette Body that you will soon discover in store.

8h05 – Oh the beard …
Normally, I shave every other day (count a little less than 10 minutes between applying Nobacter shaving foam, shaving in the direction of hair growth, re-foaming, And crossing the blade). But that was before ! Since my visit to Sarah, the Barbiere de Paris, I tend to maintain a three-day beard that demands just as much attention: definition of the costumers with my Wilkinson Hydro 5 razor and cutting of beard to the mower with heights Of different cutting according to the zones of the faces.

8:10 – Always in front of the sink
It’s time to create this face that everyone will have to endure all day: I start by applying a anti-aging moisturizer (Filorga Time Filler Mat) because at 35 years old Caudalie C15 Polyphenol C15), which I usually leave in the fridge for even more efficiency thanks to the cold. Without forgetting the little coup deo signed Vichy!

8h15 – It’s time for blow drying! 
I do not know you but, capillary level, I always wanted to have fine hair and half length. Except that Mother Nature wanted it differently and gave me dry tiffs, thick with a slight tendency to undulate. Since I let grow my hair, and to avoid having a tuft on my head, I am obliged to make a small brushing rapido every morning, on the advice of Yoann my hairdresser from Space Hair (Paris 4). To do this, I therefore apply a smoothing serum that will protect my hair from the heat of the hair dryer but additionally facilitate the smoothing and thus the styling. Once dry, a little clay Craft Clay from Sebastian and the trick is played!

8:25 – And the teeth? 
Manual brushing with a bi-fluorinated toothpaste such as Fluocaril. Taste level is far from the top but efficiency side nothing to say. A little mouthwash with Listerine and all is ok level buccal.

8:30 am – A little ride in the wardrobe
Generally it’s jeans, tee-shirt / shirt and waistcoat, botines or sneakers. A glance in front of the ice to see if the whole is consistent with my morphology in H as Cristina would say.

8:45 – Did you think I had forgotten to perfume? 
Do not dream! Perfumes, I love it! I do not even count the number of bottles scattered in my 35 m 2 . There are still some marks that I like as Serge Lutens (Clair de Musc, Serge Noire, Black Scabbard), Penhaligon’s (Elixir, Opus 1870, Sartorial, Endymion) or Annick Goutal (Eau d’Hadrien. ).

8h50 – Preparation of the bag of sport
A real addict of the gym, I go there every day and here for 20 years now! So in bulk, in the bag it’s tee-shirt, pants, socks and towel. Everything is shower gel and deo is already there, but in mini format.

8:55 am – Last hugs to Hixie
Impossible to leave without having to pass on the body because anyway the miss awaits the front door since I left the bathroom. A little treat to divert his attention and I slam the door, work destination.

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