Nootropics – The “Smart Drug” of this Generation

Nootropics - The “Smart Drug” of this Generation

What is nootropic? Nootropic is a supplement that helps improve, and enhance the cognitive function. It increases the cerebral blood flow where it can improve the amount of oxygen and ATP available to neurons. Smart drugs also help to replenish the neurotransmitter that is commonly used in the prefrontal cortex of the brain to improve and generate a higher mind-muscle connection. Smart drugs are very common wit college students. There is a lot of access on where to buy nootropics. But first, let us go through

Some important information about these smart drugs which can be beneficial to our lives as well. Nootropics has a wide range of uses, making it the “smart drug” because its main purpose is to improve the cognitive functions.

Below are some of the list of the most common smart drugs.

  • Modafinil
  • Adrafinil
  • Armodafinil
  • Ritalin
  • Adderall
  • Piracetam

Are smart drugs safe?

This has been the question of so many people who are wanting to use smart drugs. Smart drugs is a class that surrounds a wide range of ingredients. Some of this is natural and some are entirely man-made. It’s is not encouraged that you use these smart drugs without a prescription.

Make sure that you have done proper research if you are planning to use a smart drug. Some of these chemicals have not yet been approved by FDA. These research chemicals are only being sold for research purpose and not for consumption. These chemicals used on smart drugs are found to be somewhat dangerous to the health and to the body.

Benefits of smart drugs. 

Smart drugs will help you enhance your memory, attention and cognitive functions. No drug should be labeled as a smart drug if it is not capable of enhancing executive functions. These should include the ability to plan, solve problems and think carefully. The only purpose of smart drugs that has made popular to university students is to help improve the ability of the brain to recall and retail important information faster, to fend off sleep, to help you sharpen your focus during exams. It also helps you increase your performance while studying and it helps you to eliminate stress.

Risks of smart drugs use. 

Before you even start using a smart drug to enhance your study habits you should make yourself aware of the risks you will be taking associated with in taking this nootropic or smart drugs. Some smart drugs are made with artificial ingredients which means that it can be damaging to your health and body if continuously being used over a long period of time. Don’t get impulsive in taking these drugs when you feel the urge of enhancing your performance.    Sometimes all you need is a good rest and proper exercise.

Since the development of nootropics, smart drugs have grown popularity and now being used by a lot of students in universities, and even entrepreneurs and athletes. These dietary supplements are used to focus on improving learning abilities, enhance focus and improve memory function. These smart drugs also have the capability of improving your verbal and written skills.

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