How To Seduce A Man Cancer

seduce a man Cancer

Tom Cruise, Male Cancer

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The man Cancer loves safety: he shelters behind his carapace to protect himself from possible dangers. He reflects a lot on his past and can not be nostalgic. Rather reserved the man Cancer will only reveal his true personality to you when he is convinced that he can trust you. You will have to be patient with him. So that it opens up to you you will have to show him that you are faithful, listening, understanding. He is a sensitive man; you must reassure him .

The Art of Seducing a Cancer Man

Sensible yes, very much, you will discover it when you have managed to coax it. In the meantime, it can be especially brittle and vexing. The virulence of his words is for him a means of protecting himself. He knows how to analyze people, understand them and adapt his gestures and words accordingly . If he wants to test you, he will not hold back. He is often skilled at handling words, even if he is not very talkative. All these barriers that he puts between you and him may seem insurmountable, nevertheless when you have passed them you will discover a being tender and always present when you will need him.

The man Cancer if it is hardly accessible then gives to 100% to the people who are close to him, even more when it is the woman of his life. He will listen to you, understanding, always tender and willing to help you in any way. He is a faithful man who seeks to have a real love affair with the woman to whom he has given his confidence. So, the biggest mistake you could make is to be unfaithful to him. If you have been and will learn it, it will not forgive you and will make you pay for it in sharp and hurtful words. To keep a Cancer man you will therefore have to show yourself honest.

Do not rush it

To seduce and keep a man Cancer you will therefore have to arm yourself with patience, be enterprising without being abrupt. Know how to adapt to your rhythm, do not panic if from time to time it seems to shut oneself or to distance oneself. It is then to better open up to you when you will not expect it anymore. You will have to seize these opportunities that he will offer you: be really interested in what he tells you. He will not repeat the same things twice, be careful.

In these moments of confidences where he has decided to open himself to you, you can question him. Interest in what he tells you, his thoughts, his questions, his family, his friends. Listen to him confiding in you, it’s a rare moment and a proof of his love for you.

You think it’s a lot of effort to seduce a complicated and unconvincing man? Do not get me wrong: once the man Cancer in love and confident it becomes transi and passionate. He will admire you, idolize you and be near to everything to stay with you. So it’s a lot of effort for an intense love.

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How to seduce a man while remaining natural?

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