FIFA 2018 World Cup – Let’s Watch it on “New & Updated Xfinity”

FIFA 2018 World Cup – Let's Watch it on “New & Updated Xfinity”

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup season has begun, once again, it’s time to have a better viewing experience. If you’re a serious FIFA fan, and follow every match of your favourite team, then it is more important for you ensure better viewing experience.

The things are really getting better with live TV. With the advent of live TV viewing, it’s really easy to watch, replay & record your favourite shows and events on any of the device. Also, it has so many benefits than the traditional live TV viewing. If you’re still doubtful about the service, just go through this article and decide for yourself or you can get some help by making a call on Xfinity support number.

Live Viewing on “New and Updated Xfinity”

The Xfinity X1 Sports app lets you access live games, live shows and upcoming FIFA league schedules. Xfinity X1 Sports Notifications will also be there for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But, you’ve to select the Sports Notifications to use this service that needs a few steps to add, and also requires an X1 device. To get live recordings, you’ll also need to get the X1 DVR service.

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It’s really easy to access all the 64 World Cup matches on Xfinity network. Get all the matches just by pressing the ‘menu’ button on your Xfinity remote. Also, you can use the voice search function and say, “World Cup” and you’ll be directed to the main hub for the content.

From here, you can select your favorite match and add it for a customized viewing experience. There are also options for setting alarms and alerts for upcoming matches that will be sent to your TV or phone.

Well, there are different ways to access Sports app on X1. Take a look at the steps given below to get sports notifications on your mobile & Xfinity account.

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How to Access Sports Notifications?

Step 1
Use voice commands and say “Sports Notifications” on your Voice Remote.

Step 2
Go to World Cup tab on your Xfinity Sports App.

Step 3
Select Sports Notifications given on the Sports Guide.

How to Start Getting Sports Notifications?

Step 1
First launch Sports Notifications on your system or TV.

Step 2
Press “Start now”.

Step 3
Select a team by using up or down arrow on your remote and then, press OK to continue.

Step 4
To receive text notifications on your phone, add a number to your account, and then, press OK on you remote control.

Step 5
You’ll receive text with the activation code. Next, press OK, and move forward with new & updated Xfinity.

Xfinity “Chema” – What’s New?

“Chema” is more like a social medial marketing initiative by Xfinity for FIFA World Cup 2018, which is also known as ‘Unexpected Experts’ that mainly focuses on Xfinity social media activities.
It involves a virtual character, named “Chema,” which is a chameleon, who will take over all the Xfinity’s social media accounts during the FIFA matches, and allow you to share the game stats, predict winners, and sharing expert knowledge with fans in an easy way.
The theme is totally aimed at the US Hispanic market, in which, anyone watching the match can become an unexpected expert by sharing their views.

In the End

The “new and updated Xfinity” can display live TV content like no other platform and your FIFA 2018 viewing experience will include every match through live and On-Demand TV along with new features and capabilities. All these help you enjoy the teams, matches and moments you care the most. You may encounter technical problems with your Xfinity cable service or any other service, but with the help of certified and experienced tech professionals, you can easily fix these issues. Call on Xfinity customer care support number that is readily available to help you resolve all kinds of tech glitches with your service. You can easily get rid of all the issues at your fingertips.


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