Drat and damnation: Why rats are difficult to kill

rat kill cake

You may think that you know how to get rid of rats, but most measures are ineffective against rodents. We tell you the best way to do it.

Harbouring a rat inside the house is nothing short of torture. The furry visitor eats everything in sight, contaminates your food and is notoriously difficult to catch. Plus, it defecates in the house and leaves behind urine and faeces, which releases an odour in the house.

The first tell-tale signs of a rat in your house, are that you will find fruit nibbled on and black pellets in the bathroom, near a source of water. If you listen closely, you might hear a faint shuffling and scurrying, which settles down the moment you go closer to investigate. Most times, you might imagine that you saw something darting out from under the furniture and rushing to another spot – but when you crane your head to look, there’s nothing there!

Understanding rat behaviour

Rats possess an uncommon intelligence. They have good memories, which helps them find their way in and out of your house quite easily. The rat may travel far but it leaves ‘mental markers’ to find its way back. So once a rat has set up base inside your home, it will still find its way back even after you have chased it away.

They are quick and cunning – once they have found a hiding place, they can lie in wait for hours for the area to be undisturbed. You will hardly hear them moving about your kitchen, unless they knock something over! When you chance upon them suddenly, even the biggest rat can flee within seconds.

Rats’ good memories help them remember the different traps and sticky papers you lay around the house to catch them. A rat normally takes a couple of days to get accustomed to the different spaces in your home. You can trap the rat only in this limited window of opportunity. After this, the rat can evade most attempts at capture.

Rats constantly feed on things in your house, food items or not. They can gnaw wooden furniture, paper, cloth and assorted materials. They feast on exposed food items rapidly, contaminating it in the process. They then leave droppings all over the house – these look like black pellets.

Rats can eat even poisoned bait and survive, provided they are able to drink fresh water and vomit out the contents of their stomach. Once the poison is flushed out, they remain unaffected by what they just ate!

How to get rid of rats – the best method

  • You might have caught the rat in a wire cage. You can either take the trap far away from your home and release the rat. Or you can drown it or starve it to death – but that is cruel!
  • The worst thing is when the rat eats poisoned food and dies inside your house. The rotting carcass leaves behind a hideous smell, and you have to pick up the body and throw it out.
  • The best way to get rids of rats is to cut pieces of a rat kill cake and leave them around the house. Do not leave any water around for the rat to drink. The rat eats the cake and the poison in it starts to suffocate the creature. When the rat does not find water, it scurries outside the house to look for fresh air. By this time, the rat cake kills it completely. The rat dies outside your house, without any hassle to you!

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