How to Distinguish Good from Bad Cholesterol?

The good cholesterol

Today, it is known that increasing blood cholesterol levels is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, as is hypertension, tobacco and physical inactivity. If you are concerned about bad cholesterol, you often forget that there is also good cholesterol. Also to watch! Summary Cholesterol, essential for the body The good cholesterol The bad cholesterol Cholesterol, essential for the body Cholesterol is a fat brought in for one third by the diet (exogenous origin) and two thirds made by the liver (endogenous origin). The liver is able to produce 1g of cholesterol per day from proteins,…

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Cholesterol: The Importance Of Prevention

a major factor in preventing cholesterol

Cholesterol is becoming better known and, thanks to effective medicines, it is now possible to reduce the level. But would not it be better to play the card of prevention? Which foods to promote? What attitude to adopt to prevent, rather than cure? Summary Cholesterol: Station with antecedents Diet: a major factor in preventing cholesterol Regular physical activity to prevent cholesterol Other ideas to fight against excess cholesterol There is no mystery:  having regular physical activity , walking every day, but also and especially eating healthy are the keys to prevention. Resolution number one  : practice a regular…

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Cholesterol: Your Analysis Sheet Under Scrutiny

Your analysis sheet under scrutiny

Blood cholesterol is one of the major cardiovascular risk factors and premature death. Its concentrations should be low to prevent the risk of atherosclerosis (deposition of fat in the arteries). But, beware, there is cholesterol and cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol … and the “bad”. Learn how to read your results sheet. Summary Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and total cholesterol: know how to differentiate Total blood cholesterol HDL-cholesterol or “good cholesterol” LDL-cholesterol or “bad cholesterol” Other lipid balance variables Triglycerides The apolipoproteins A1 and B The lipoprotein a [Lp (a)] The lipid balance should…

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What is HDL cholesterol?

HDL cholesterol

HDL cholesterol is composed of lipoproteins that transport cholesterol from the arteries to the liver where it is destroyed. It is known as “good cholesterol” because it helps to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels, a cardiovascular risk factor. Summary What is HDL cholesterol? Why prescribe an HDL cholesterol dosage? How is HDL cholesterol measured? Blood Dosage of HDL Cholesterol Coronary Risk for HDL Cholesterol High HDL cholesterol Low HDL cholesterol How to have a high HDL (cholesterol)? What is HDL cholesterol? Cholesterol consists of lipids circulating in the…

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