The Masculine Standards of Beauty and Their Evolution

The Masculine

The standards of male beauty across the globe have been studied by Buzzfeed in an exciting video. At madmoiZelle, we like to understand and even deconstruct the criteria of beauty . Can one be, and feel “beautiful”, by making a size 56, having sparse hair, or leaning more towards the combo “jogging- hoodie  ” than towards the heels of 12? Yes, I promise ! Read more: Tess Holliday, model plus size, unveils a photo shoot without retouching It was time to look at the criteria of male beauty. What makes a man “beautiful”? Is it the same way throughout…

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Advertising Celebrates Women’s Beauty from 0 to 100 Years Old (Video)

 shows them 

By Melodie Capronnier. Firm 0 to 100 years, thin, round, Asian, black … All types are represented. A positive message, we love it! For one of its advertisements, the Norwegian chain of pharmacies Vitusapotek staged women aged 0 to 100 years. Published on YouTube, the black and white video shows them from the youngest to the oldest. Each pose naked, to emphasize the different bodies. Round, thin, pregnant, aged, black, white, Asian … None has been forgotten! It’s a nice positive body message , which makes the complexes disappear ! The concept is to show a life in the space of forty seconds. To stick…

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The Beauty Routine of 4 Male Bloggers

beauty routine of 4 male

I love to get ready in the morning. Get up early, see the sun rise from my terrace, accomplish my little morning routine. Do not think that because you are a man without a headache, a guy, a real one, you can afford to go out with a beard of 8 days, a disgusting skin and the body odor of a rugby player After a game. Personally, I almost always accomplish the same routine. And I wondered what the other guys were like. So, I asked Geoffrey Mikael and Cedric (3 bloggers you probably know)…

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The Beauty of Men Changes

beauty of men

Ever since man is a man, his image of himself is linked to the idea he has of his manhood. Which, for thirty years, fluctuates according to the modes and the social changes. A story of skin and hair of which L’Express Styles spoke with the philosopher Bernard Andrieu. From Cro-Magnon to the metrosexual, man has changed. Has the way he looks at himself and his own beauty changed? The researchers of the Nivea Observatory (scientific committee set up at the initiative of the brand at the famous blue box) pass the question through…

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Sublimate Your Eyebrows: Hair Removal And Makeup

Cara Delevingne

The shape of the eyebrows , their thickness and inclination will draw the eye. The line of the eyebrows is determined according to the shape of a face and the asymmetries of it. The technique of the stick placed at the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye can be a good method before embarking on eyebrow hair removal . Sometimes an eyebrow restructuring may be necessary to completely redraw a line and adapt it to the look and features of a face. You dream of a bushy arcade at the Cara Delevingne ? An eyebrow transplant is possible at a hair…

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