Cancer: It Affects Twice As Many Women As Men Between 30 And 40 Years

cancer is prostate cancer

If cancer is a disease that affects more men than women, between 30 and 40 years of age, women are the first victims.

According to a study that has just been published by the National Bureau of Statistics of Great Britain, men and women are not quite equal to chance against cancer. While at the age of 18, boys and girls have the same risks of suffering from a form of cancer: in boys, testicular cancer is the most common, and in girls, melanoma and Hodgkin’s lymphoma . But years pass, and between 30 and 40 years old women see this risk double compared to men. The breach of breast cancer , the number of cases in women under 40 has doubled in the last thirty years: today, 1 in 173 women is at risk of developing breast cancer.

In men, the most common  cancer is prostate cancer , it is understandable that they are protected from this risk up to 55 years. It is also at this age that the curve begins to reverse and the number of men with cancer far exceeds the number of women: because besides prostate cancer, men are also the first victims of Lung cancer and bowel cancer.

In terms of survival, equality is also not appropriate. The survival rate is lower for men than for women,  regardless of cancer . This is due in part to the fact that women are more likely to have a reflex to be screened, Take care of cancer at an earlier stage.

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