All You Need To Know About A Rollator Walker

All You Need To Know About A Rollator Walker

A rollator is an ideal mobility aid for injured, disabled, and aged people. It is also referred to as the four-wheel walker. It consists of four wheels, handlebars, one seat, and brakes. Some of them also have a basket to carry items in it. They are highly portable as they can be folded in half and carry in a car comfortably. The reason for the popularity of a rollator walker is its high balance, comfort, safety, and effortlessness in moving around. The rear wheels are fixed while the front wheels swivel. They are same like driving a bicycle and these can be used to move around at home, at your backward, and even in roads. A rollator is something in between a traditional walker and a wheelchair.

Who Should Use A Rollator?

Anyone who is having a problem to stand erect and move around freely can use a rollator. If you have a problem with balancing, strength, or endurance, you can consider buying it for comfort, stability, and safety. It has been found that elderly people buy it the most as it can prevent them from accidental injuries. Anyone who wants to sit and move around, carry items with them effortlessly and have some experience with riding a bicycle should definitely go for it. It is like moving your own wheelchair and you can even sit ask others to move you around.

But there are certain categories of people who should not use it like the ones who cannot keep any weight on their legs after a fracture or surgery. They should go for foldable walkers instead.

Features To Watch Out For

While buying a rollator walker, you have to watch out for a few features and parameters such that your purchase is worth your money.

Construction – The four wheels should touch the level ground perfectly. If anyone is not touching before or after sitting, the piece is defective and can cause misbalance and accident. The lightweight the rollator is, the better it will be for you to move around.

Seat Arrangement – The first thing you need to check as far as the seat goes is its arrangement. There are many rollator walkers available which do not provide a backrest. But a backrest is a must for elderly and injured people to get the support and keep the spine erect or relaxed to prevent various other issues and health problems. The seat must be well cushioned so that your back does not pain for sitting on it for a long time. One more thing to notice is the weight capacity of the seat.

Size – The bigger the wheels are, the better and easier it will be to roll the rollator. A big wheel will be able to pass through the uneven surface with least jerks. Furthermore, you should buy a rollator based on the size of your body.

Apart from these, if you want to carry items with you, it should have a proper basket mounted on it. The folding of the walker is also important for storage and carrying purposes.

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