Advertising Celebrates Women’s Beauty from 0 to 100 Years Old (Video)

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By Melodie Capronnier. Firm 0 to 100 years, thin, round, Asian, black … All types are represented. A positive message, we love it!

For one of its advertisements, the Norwegian chain of pharmacies Vitusapotek staged women aged 0 to 100 years. Published on YouTube, the black and white video shows them from the youngest to the oldest. Each pose naked, to emphasize the different bodies. Round, thin, pregnant, aged, black, white, Asian … None has been forgotten! It’s a nice positive body message , which makes the complexes disappear !

The concept is to show a life in the space of forty seconds. To stick as much as possible to reality, the Norwegian brand refused to touch up the women who took the break. Marketing director Helen Felde explains their approach at : “All people are beautiful and it was natural for us to bring out the beauty of the skin to all ages in a positive way.”

At the end of the video, the simple phrases “Your skin will follow you all your life. Take care, ” remind everyone to pay attention to her. If this advertisement is intended to talk about an offer offered by the chain Vitusapotek, it is not without reminding us of other videos that show that all women are beautiful . And especially the now famous “100 years of beauty”, which showed the evolution of beauty throughout history, and which has been declined many times.

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By Melodie Capronnier

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