The Beauty Routine of 4 Male Bloggers

beauty routine of 4 male

I love to get ready in the morning. Get up early, see the sun rise from my terrace, accomplish my little morning routine. Do not think that because you are a man without a headache, a guy, a real one, you can afford to go out with a beard of 8 days, a disgusting skin and the body odor of a rugby player After a game. Personally, I almost always accomplish the same routine. And I wondered what the other guys were like. So, I asked Geoffrey Mikael and Cedric (3 bloggers you probably know)…

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The Beauty of Men Changes

beauty of men

Ever since man is a man, his image of himself is linked to the idea he has of his manhood. Which, for thirty years, fluctuates according to the modes and the social changes. A story of skin and hair of which L’Express Styles spoke with the philosopher Bernard Andrieu. From Cro-Magnon to the metrosexual, man has changed. Has the way he looks at himself and his own beauty changed? The researchers of the Nivea Observatory (scientific committee set up at the initiative of the brand at the famous blue box) pass the question through…

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